After spending over 20 years working with HM Revenue and Customs I joined the team at MHI Accountants as a taxation specialist. In 2016 Landmark Chartered Accountants was born from the demerger of MHI.

During my time with HMRC I worked to counter complex tax avoidance arrangements and of course tax evasion. All great preparation for working with “the other side”

With broader experience gained growing a successful accountancy practice and helping clients succeed too, I now get immense satisfaction from working with businesses to meet and beat the challenges of winning in a difficult economic climate.

And of course, as you win, you want to keep what you win, so that tax know-how is still getting put to great use!

At Landmark my role splits my time between Management Responsibilities for Landmark and looking after client matters with a particular focus on tax planning (drawing on that 20 years working for HMRC)

Specialties: SME Business Growth. Business and Personal Tax Planning. HMRC Tax Investigations

Favourite line from a film?

Can’t decide but almost certainly delivered by Cary Grant

All-time favourite song?

Going back to my youth let’s say… Overground by Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Dream holiday destination?

On safari in Kenya. Done it once and have promised myself I will go back. Fantastic!

Favourite London landmark?

St Pancras Station.

Who past or present in the public eye would you most like to meet?

John Peel

Most memorable sporting moment?

Jonny Wilkinson’s 2003 world cup winning drop kick.

What did you want to be when you were young?

A photographer of some sort.

What item could you not live without?

Strictly not one item but… my music collection.