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Simplify and Win Big

Two proven pathways to a profoundly profitable business – which will you take?
It’s easy to dismiss the two proven paths to a profitable and successful business. It’s easy because the companies who’ve taken up these pathways are global giants now. However, these businesses were anything but giants when they started.

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High Impact

Model the behaviours of highimpact people and secure a brighter future for your own business…
You’d like to think that companies such as NASA, Google, Adobe, LinkedIn and Salesforce have worked out how to recruit and develop high-impact people in their businesses.
They have…

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Psychological Safety

What does it take to build (or weaken) an enthusiastic, motivated and high-performing workforce? Project Aristotle, a multi-year study of 180 teams at Google, was formed to determine the factors involved in why and how some teams are effective and some are not.

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Stop To Succeed

To make your business more successful, what should you STOP doing? Only when you let go of the lower rungs of a ladder can you grab the higher rungs and climb.

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Simplify Numbers

Are you putting the persuasive power of numbers to work in the right way? It’s maddening, isn’t it, when a customer doesn’t order your product or service – even though it is obvious
that they’d be better off if they did?

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Subscription Wins

Whether you sell products or services matters not. Are you playing offence of defence when it comes to the subscription revolution?

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Healthy Culture

Any builder will tell you that the weakest part of a structure is the mortar connecting the bricks. In a business, the mortar is social capital – your team’s sense of connectedness…

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Quarterly OKRs

A simple business idea connects Bono (from U2) to Google to Intel. It’s almost too simple to share, but it works!

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Only when you understand
what motivates people will
you truly succeed in business…

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