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More core services

Maybe you’ve already read about the fundamentals that underpin our services, if not, take a look here.

Also, as it says on the our home page, a list of services can make accountants all seem the same but perhaps you’ve also taken a look at the Landmark reviews to discover accountants are not all the same.

So, now to some of the areas we cover when providing what overall is a comprehensive service taking care of all your accounting and taxation needs from Start-up through growth, to maturity and finally to exit phases (business and personal).

What we do

Discover more about the core services you can choose and also some things we won’t do.

We will Quickly and efficiently take care of your needs in the areas of:

What we won't do

We will not

  • Fail to return your phone calls.
  • Send you unexpected bills.
  • Receive information from you and allow you to think it has disappeared into a black hole. 
  • Ask you questions about information you sent us months ago.
  • Bamboozle you with accountancy jargon.
  • Tell you at the last minute what you ought to be doing.
  • Tell you after the event what you should have done already!
  • Make you feel uneasy or feel like you’ve asked a stupid question… (there are no stupid questions).  


We’re only a phone call away right now if you want to learn more about Landmark and an accountancy service which is serious about your success. Call us now on 01923 587 487 or email clive@lmca.co.uk and he’ll call you back.