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June 2019 - Insider

Most small business owners in the UK do not think the tax system treats their business fairly.

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May 2019 - Insider

The UK’s largest accountancy firms should be split into audit
and non-audit businesses, according to recommendations from
a Government committee.

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April 2019 - Insider

The Government is considering introducing a new stamp duty
surcharge, which is designed to clamp down on overseas
wealth being used to buy homes in England.

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March 2019 - Insider

HMRC admitted an error which saw hundreds of
early-paying taxpayers wrongly issued with late-payment
notices before the deadline for self-assessment tax returns.

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February 2019 - Insider

More than 200,000 startup owners have benefitted from
a collaborative service that enables businesses to register
for tax at the same time as registering their company.

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January 2019 - Insider

The Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) has urged the
Government to implement a digital system for inheritance
tax, following complaints the current form-filling system is
too complex.

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