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If hardened criminals can be influenced to change their behaviour, then your business can be influenced too...

12th June 2018

Influencing habitual long-term behaviour change is not easy, it’s complicated, it’s time consuming...

Most behaviour change fails because we look for simple solutions. There are many forces at play influencing the way we do things, so for long term effective changes in behaviour we must introduce layer upon layer of new influences.

In fact, for real and permanent behaviour change you MUST apply at least 4 out of the '6 sources of influence' to your business.

If Dr Mimi Silbert and the Delancey Street Foundation in the US can change the behaviour of dangerous criminals with a history of violence, drug use and gang related crime then surely you can drive through the change that you seek in your business…

Typically, the Delancey residents had 4 serious criminal convictions and a history of being involved in crime for a number of years. Their involvement in crime had become a way of life, the norm, their 'revert to type' behaviour.

So how did Dr Silbert and her team turned 16,000 ex-cons into stable proactive members of society and influenced real and permanent change in their behaviour?

By using the '6 sources of influence' and building layer upon layer of influence to drive through real and permanent change.

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